It’s a simple word, but it is the only word that matters when it comes to tennis in the Pacific Northwest.  


USTA PNW is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to making the game of tennis and its physical, social and emotional health benefits accessible for all people and communities throughout Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Northern Idaho.


We believe that the game of tennis is a vehicle that can transform lives and that belief is the heart of our mission.  Through the sport of tennis, we have seen people and communities grow stronger, healthier, and more connected. Through the work that we do, we aim to make tennis viable and accessible to all people in every community throughout the Pacific Northwest. 


We do this by providing free and low cost programs, running adult and junior leagues and tournaments and creating year-round indoor court access to world-class, public tennis facilities and instruction in Tacoma and Vancouver Washington. Explore our impactful programs below:


USTA PNW fosters social connections and uplifts neighborhoods and communities by creating fun opportunities for people of all ages to engage in physical activity while fulfilling social and emotional needs that infuse vibrancy in people that last a lifetime. This is done through community tennis programs and providers like: 


Tennis leagues, which promote camaraderie among various ages, abilities, and from across the region.

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Youth tennis and junior teams foster friendships among youth and parents, promote good sportsmanship, and build a solid foundation for lifelong play. 

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RecTennis was created by USTA PNW and is recognized as one of the best youth sports programs offered in the country. Our programs are local, affordable and each coach has been trained to run classes that are active, well planned, and tailored to the social, mental and physical skill level of your child.

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Public Indoor Facilities operated by USTA PNW provide year-round access to world-class tennis facilities and instruction in Tacoma and Vancouver Washington.

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Junior Scholarship Program, which is intended to increase access to youth tennis programs throughout the Pacific Northwest. This scholarship program eliminates the cost barrier to entry into the sport and encourages all kids to pick up a racket.

Click here to find out more about our scholarship program and how you can support youth tennis scholarships in your area. [link to new scholarships page]


Community Provider Grants support local grassroot facilities, organizations, and projects that will help grow the game in our sections. Grants are designed for those planning on hosting a HS event, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion project, an adaptive program, or a Design Your Own Grant project. 

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The Need

When you donate to USTA PNW you can feel good knowing that you are creating community, character and well-being through everyday moments. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit we rely on the support of donors like you who make it possible for EVERYONE to experience the life-long benefits that tennis has to offer Donate today!


We at USTA PNW invite you to join us in our commitment to transform lives by donating, volunteering and sponsoring.  Here’s a quick look at the impact your contribution makes within our communities.



$ 500

$500 Provides equipment for two schools including rackets, nets, and balls

Allows 60 children to attend 8 tennis sessions in a Title 1 school

$ 250

$250 Covers an entire season of tennis classes for four Title 1 students

$ 200

$200 Provides eight tennis classes for players in need at our tennis centers

$ 100

$100 Provides a child with one week of RecTennis summer camp

$ 50

$50 Provides a group lesson for two families of four in a local park



Players served in the Pacific Northwest


across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington


Play opportunities created


across our section

play opportunities

Adult League participants


in USTA programming


Recreational participants


in our RecTennis programs


Tournament participants


in our RecTennis programs

in adult and junior competition

Junior Team Tennis participants


in USTA JTT programming


Jobs created


impacting 300 communities


Scholarships provided


to RecTennis participants


School Partnerships Formed


through our RecTennis programming


Title 1 schools served


through our RecTennis programming


Tennis racquets donated


to programs and partners


Tennis balls donated


to programs and partners